Ecological cleaning products with attention to our environment

Regular detergent is full of toxic chemicals. Also, the plastic packing material takes a toll on the environment. By using the Blinky-Ecotabs, you protect the environment instead of harming it.

100% sustainable detergent

  • Biodegradable
  • No environmentally harmful substances
  • Contributes to reducing plastic soup

Limited risks

  • Work safely by color coding
  • Prevents inhalation of toxic substances
  • Prevent heavyweight lifting by pre-dosed tabs

Earn back your investment

  • Takes up limited space due to its compactness
  • Efficient transport and less CO2- emissions
  • Work efficiently: thus saving costs

Is your business ready for an environmentally responsible detergent?

As a company, you want to take responsibility. That includes taking responsibility for both the environment and human beings, preferably without any high costs involved. Well, by using the unique Blinky-Ecotab formula, cleaning is made ecologically responsible, sustainable and affordable.

What is Blinky?
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